Membership or Affiliation enquiry


Are you a pensioner or retired person? If so, join a pensioner group now.

If not, ask any pensioners you know to join.


Because all pensioners need to join together quickly to defend their:-

  • State pension
  • Travel pass
  • Free prescriptions
  • Free TV licences
  • Winter allowance

Power of the pensioners

Pensioners cannot go on strike, but we still have power! A bigger pensioner’s movement would be able to influence the powerful media which in turn influences public opinion. We can also put pressure on MPs no matter what their political colour. Also, at voting time our strength can certainly be felt. So, let us all learn the lesson; help West Midlands Pensioners Convention to get stronger so we can all defend what we have fought years for and stop things getting worse.

Pensioner’s demands are affordable

The government will say we are all in this together and have to make sacrifices because of the debt. This is not true! The banker’s sacrifice has been to increase their bonuses and others have done similar things. Also, Britain’s debt is about 77% of GDP (gross domestic product), the wealth created in one year. Now between 1915 and early 1970s Britain’s debt was never less than 100% of GDP and when the NHS was created the debt was about 230% GDP! But nobody talked about crisis then so why now when the as a percentage of GDP it is much less? The ‘crisis’ is being used to attack gains made over the last century – don’t let them get away with it!


Yes, as well as new members we need money too to help with our campaign, as little or as much as you can afford.

If you wish to join or to make a donation, please complete our form below and we will respond. Many Thanks.